Manage & amplify your brand across social media channels with iLoyal Social Genius

Streamline how you manage social media for brands - from planning and collaboration to engagement and analytics.

Build a stronger brand with the truly brilliant iLoyal Social Genius

Improve communication through collaboration when scheduling and approving content. Demonstrate your value with advanced reporting, deeper insights, and the productivity of our other social media integrations.

Plan content the way you prefer.

Schedule beautiful posts individually, through queues or in bulk, and use our interactive calendar to iron out any kinks. Tailor posts to each social network to maximize organic reach, and optimize images with our in-built editor or design new ones with Canva.

Showcase results with beautiful, custom reporting.

Spot trends through our in-depth reports on most engaging content, optimal posting times per network, and website traffic from social. Automatically send reports to key stakeholders and team members on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Plus, give access to live reports to provide more transparency.

Collaborate to do your best work.

Set up individual dashboards for each user to keep your work organized, and use our social inbox to respond to mentions quickly. Improve communication when sending content for approval, and assigning conversations to your team.

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Rich features that once used, you'll never market without.

iLoyal Social Genius Plans & Pricing

Up to 70% less than HootSuite, plus more user friendly features.

Better customization, better collaboration, better tracking, better reports, easier tagging, and more fun to use. Plus social listening queries included.

Social Expressor

$39/mo Save time by scheduling posts automatically throughout the week.
  • 1 user
  • 8 social networks
  • 8 Quick Reports
  • Social Listening Included

Social Connector

$99/mo Collaborate to generate ideas and improve content.
  • 2 users
  • 20 networks and social queries
  • Build 15 custom reports
  • Social Listening Included

Social Accelerator

$189/mo. Work more effectively to show real results from social media.
  • 3-5 users
  • 50 networks and services
  • Build 35 custom reports
  • Social Listening Included

Social Butterfly

$289/mo Manage social media at scale with advanced tools & custom workflows.
  • Up to 10 users
  • 100 networks and services
  • Build 50 custom reports
  • Social Listening Included

Custom Self-Service and Managed Social Media Plans