Grow with Unlimited Possibilities

Unlike other email providers, iLoyal will not nickel and dime you for having a stronger email database. We encourage you to grow your database as BIG as you can without restrictions. iLoyal offers many UNLIMITED features that will have your marketing department’s budget under control. You don't deserve to pay more for the success you achieve. Grow with iLoyal!

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Local Business E-Club Service

We’ll help you write your email, design it, and track its effectiveness. We are your location's entire email marketing team.

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Multi-Unit E-Club Service

A complete, multi-unit email club solution that saves thousands of dollars on delivery, print & labor costs each year. All for one low-flat fee.

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Franchise E-Club Service

Make sure all your franchise locations send the same message at the same time. Brand unity in-tact for your peace of mind.

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Social Media Solutions

Making sure your most loyal fans are taken care of, from customer service to full content creation on all social platforms!

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iLoyal Brings Unlimited Services

Unlimited Contacts/Subscribers

Grow your list as much as you want.

Unlimited Email Volume

Don’t pay more for the higher success you achieve. Enjoy unlimited volume.

Unlimited E-blasts

Need to send an email last minute? Ask us about our unlimited self-service option.

Unlimited E-Club Sign-Up Cards

Save on stationary costs. Unlimited Printing of Standard E-club Cards.

Unlimited Data Entry

Don't waste time. Grow your list without dreading the data entry. We'll input all those wonderful new subscribers.

Unlimited Return Envelopes

Save on shipping costs. Unlimited Return Envelopes and Location ID Slips

Unlimited Fulfillment

Unlimited Warehousing & Fulfillment to Your Locations (no shipping fees)

Unlimited Marketing & Tech Support

We’ll Handle this E-Marketing, Techy Stuff.