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Email Studio

Create emails, manage contacts and view email campaign reports.

Trial Summary: Free to try with no credit card needed until contacts are uploaded. Explore the app and send test emails. Upon contact upload, select a pricing tier by contact volume. Sending domain must be authenticated before first campaign, which must be approved by iLoyal. Get authentication support here.

Social Genius

Schedule posts, manage DM's, and view social media channel reports.

Trial Summary: Free to use for 14 days with no credit card needed for trial period. Explore the app,  connect up to 6 profiles, schedule posts, and create custom reports. Within trial period, contact sales to activate account or book a license at Get help with profile connections here.

iLoyal SMS

Send bulk texts, manage contacts and view SMS campaign reports.

Trial Summary: Pay-as-you-go for SMS messages. Free to access the app with Explorer plan. Setup a keyword, lists, coupons, drip messages and more. Sending account must be approved by SMS carriers before messages are sent. Allow 2-3 weeks to process sender application. Get app setup support here.