Attract new customers, Keep customers engaged, Pre-schedule social posts, Measure content performance, Save time and effort
with Social Genius

Get powerful collaboration, monitoring, and social analytics tools to build more love for your brand.

    No risk. No credit card required.

    Simplify your content scheduling workflow
    with iLoyal Social Genius

    Leverage our truly next generation Social Genius app to engage your audience across channels.

    Tailor content for every platform and save time when crafting posts. Plan calendars in advance and share visibility on what’s next.

    Schedule social media posts, images and videos individually or in bulk as far in the future as you need.


    With iLoyal Social Genius, you can tailor posts to each network, meaning you can switch up the hashtags and emojis, and even change the attachments. All that to boost organic engagement!

    Group social media posts into campaigns and schedule them on specific days and at optimal times.


    Scheduling with queues makes promoting evergreen content easy and allows for consistency in keeping your social media profiles active.

    Get a visual overview of your social media activity, past and present, with the calendar view. You can easily rearrange posts by simply dragging-and-dropping in the monthly view.

    Increase engagement and delight your audience with great visual content.


    You can upload images and videos as you’re composing your messages, attach them from other sources and even optimize images for each social network to ensure they look their best.

    Follow your trusted RSS feeds and publish relevant quality content to social networks at regular intervals throughout the day or as and when new articles are published.
    Easily share fresh and engaging content using SocialGenius content suggestions. Simply choose topics you care about and we will make suggestions on what content is most likely to generate higher follower engagement.
    Source royalty free images to share on social channels via Google Image and Flickr search. Quickly access existing content in the cloud with our DropBox and Google Drive integrations.
    Create engaging designs including social media images for networks like Facebook and Instagram, as well as blog post graphics and more. We pull your designs directly into the Compose Box, ready for publishing.
    It can make more sense to plan your content in bulk. With iLoyal Social Genius, it’s as easy as preparing a CSV file and importing it into our platform for scheduling later.

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    Yes, iLoyal Social Genius does it all.

    iLoyal Social Genius Plans & Pricing

    Compare to full-featured HootSuite, plus more user friendly features.
    Better customization, better collaboration, better tracking, better reports, easier tagging, and more fun to use. Plus, social listening queries included.

    Choose the right price plan for you

    Unlike other platforms, ALL of our features are activated for ALL license types, giving small business the same power as big brands. 

    Features below indicate the additional value-drivers for certain account types, not account limitations.

    Social Expresser
    Small Business Pro
    1 user
    6 social accounts

    $45/Per Month

    • Unlimited scheduling
    • Planning tools
    • Content ideas
    • Brand monitoring
    • Message inbox & replies
    • Custom reporting
    Free 14- Day Trial

    Social Connector
    3 users
    18 social accounts

    $125/Per Month

    • Expresser plan features
    • Team collaboration
    • Assignment & approval
    • User management
    • Smart queues
    • Image & asset sharing
    Request Demo

    Social Butterfly
    Business / Enterprise
    5 users
    30 social accounts

    $185/Per Month

    • Connector features
    • Post to more profiles
    • Schedule 200 posts/day
    • Brand dashboards
    • Approval workflows
    • Save & share reports
    Request Demo

    Agency Accelerator
    Brand Management
    bulk pricing for client sub-accounts

    $225/Per Month

    • Hierarchical logins
    • Profile management
    • Easy account switching
    • Auto-send client reports
    • Dedicated support
    • Client or agency billing
    Partner with iLoyal

    Social Genius has more features than we can list on this page. See all features.

    Streamline social media management as you build a stronger brand – from planning and collaboration to posting, engagement, and analytics.

    Value added services from caring teams to support your marketing success

    Ideation & Creation

    Shine the light on content opportunities, prioritize, develop, and deploy.

    Content Calendars

    Collaborate on a schedule of content and use it to roll-out blogs and posts.

    Social Image Design

    Get beautiful images for alignment across web, email, and social.

    Post Scheduling

    iLoyal puts social media on cruise control with post setup on Social Genius.

    Engage iLoyal for 100% managed social media services or choose custom plan options.

    We prefer to manage marketing services on our own apps, but if you have another preference we are happy to accommodate.

    Email Strategy

    Get a defined plan that improves communication throughout your business.

    Email Design

    Wow customers and enhance brand with great layouts and graphics.

    Managed Campaigns

    Our success teams do all of the campaign setup, design, and scheduling.

    List & Data Support

    Keep lists growing and engaged with proven tactics and expert support.

    Build an email marketing support plan OR request a call to chat directly.

    Digital Ads &
    Social Media

    Show off exceptional and attention grabbing visuals, unique to your business

    Marketing & Sales Materials

    Stand out and drive growth with professionally designed graphics.

    Logo Design &
    Brand Identity

    Proclaim brand essence with a distinctive and recognizable identity.

    Website & Mobile
    App Graphics

    Make a great impression with innovative and high-performance graphics.

    We craft unique digital designs with high-quality graphics to make your business stand out.

    Web Design & Hosting

    Evolve brands and ideas with a modern web site your audience will love.

    eCommerce & Beyond

    Selling online? Build, migrate, or enhance your ecommerce sales portal.

    Integration & Automation

    Connect to analytics, ad tools, CRM's, accounting apps, and more.

    Site Security & Maintenance

    Proactive security monitoring, plus content, theme, and plugin updates.

    Set the foundation for great marketing with iLoyal web services.

    Brand Identity

    Dig into the core of who and why to set the stage for all that you do.

    Brand Voice

    Uncover the spirit and tone needed to harness customer emotions.

    Brand Storytelling

    Build lasting connections as customers find new reasons to share the love.

    Brand Development

    Release the new brand with fresh creative across all marketing tochpoints.

    Position your brand for success with creative content that leaves an enduring impression.

    Customer Research

    Understand customers to improve service, create personas, and much more.

    Journey Mapping

    Delight customers with valuable and enjoyable experiences.

    Product Research

    Stay current with customer expectations for product innovations.

    Employee Surveys

    Achieve spectacular CX metrics by understanding employee attitudes.

    Build love and loyalty at every stage of the customer journey.

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    iLoyal SMS: Free until number is provisioned

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