Deliver better experiences with the power of customer voice.

Track almost any metric. Focus on loyalty attitudes and behaviors, customer touchpoints, or criteria for purchase of products and services.

iLoyal CX Consulting

Marketing decision making with action-focused data

iLoyal focuses on business goals and reducing risk in marketing decisions. We don’t collect data hoping it will drive decisions. We understand your business goals and decision paths, then collect relevant data. Every item and analysis is matched with a decision necessary for your desired outcome.

Our approach to marketing research.

Business Goals

What results do you want for your organization?

Decision Pathway

What decisions will you need to make to get there?

Information Gaps

What information is still missing and necessary?

Research Strategy

Collect and analyze data from relevant sources.

Our survey and research performance.

iLoyal outperforms the research industry on every metric of research study success.

Interest upon invitation to participate

iLoyal CX
Research Industry

Respondent completion rate

iLoyal CX
Research Industry

Research participation rate

iLoyal CX
Research Industry

Positive respondent experience

iLoyal CX
Research Industry
iLoyal CX Customer Feedback

Monitor, respond, and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey.

Attract more customers. Minimize negative customer experiences. Improve customer retention.

More ways to collect data

Customer intel is easy to come by when the survey is available everywhere the customer wants is to be! Choose any or all of our collection methods.

Proactive Response Management

iLoyal cares about your customers and your reputation. Before any analysis begins, survey responses are forwarded to online review sites or dedicated customer service personnel.

Captures what customers care about most

iLoyal’s arsenal of 1,000+ of marketing, management, and consumer psychology items are matched to your information needs.

Customer Attitudes

Emotional Responses

Loyalty Behaviors

Lifetime Value

Product Preferences

Desicion Factors

Net Promoter

Media + Ad Reactions

Brand Metrics