iLoyal CX Insights reveal a complete view of the customer

Enhance Sales Efforts

Understand what factors influence buyers to buy and not to buy.

Segment, Design & Test

iLoyal will interview and/or survey buyers to segment customers based on actual purchase factors, develop buyer personas and test marketing and product changes.
Get Buyer Insights

Retain & Attract Customers

Discover why your customers leave and what delights them.

Measure & Respond

We will capture emotions and attitudes of customers, satisfaction scores, NPS, and loyalty intent along with measures on what drives great and not so great outcomes.
Talk with an Expert

Competitors, Eat My Dust!

Understand what makes you vulnerable and how to win customers’ minds.

Differentiate & Win

Capture intelligence on what customers think about you versus your closest (and unknown) competitors, what makes them switch, and what makes them stay.
Get Competitive Perpectives

Voice of the Customer Programs

We work with you so that all stakeholders fully understand the current alignment of your customers’ needs and expectations versus the current customer experience, we then help design great customer outcomes.


We collaborate to identify of where your VOC program stands, what’s on track, and where there are gaps, then create a plan via the Voice of the Customer Program Roadmap.


Capturing customer voice starts with identifying VoC opportunities in the customer journey, followed by design of surveys and other voice tools, and VoC program implementation.


Designing a VoC program is half the battle. Next, we will help you determine the best path for communicating about CX programs internally to employees and other constituents.

Product Development Research

Whether you are innovating with a new menu item, software, device, CPG or anything else, stay out of sales trouble by testing before, during, and after development.

Are you new to Customer Experience (CX) marketing?

Leveraging the industry’s best CX technologies and decades of customer research excellence, iLoyal offers dynamic solutions for every organization wanting to deliver a better customer experience.

CX Strategy & Design

iLoyal collects information to help you understand customer perspectives and provides the tools and approach to successfully engage customers and employees with your brand.

Customer Journey Mapping

iLoyal provides you with a clear guide to visualize the customer journey, improve customer-brand touchpoints, and manage how physical and digital operations are connected.

CX Metrics & Guidance

We monitor every touchpoint along the customer journey, helping you achieve higher conversion, improve customer retention, and prioritize actions with the greatest impact on customer outcomes.