Stay productive when working on-the-go

Maintain your presence on social media when you’re away from the office with our mobile apps for Android and iOS. Publish content, manage posts and review performance from anywhere.

Respond to incoming messages from anywhere

Don’t keep customers and prospects waiting. Take iLoyal SocialGenius with you and engage with your audience when you’re away from your desk. Our push notifications alert you to new messages so you can respond quickly.

All your social streams in one app

Manage all of your social streams on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in real time. Gain insights into who you’re engaging with by accessing detailed social profile information.

Publish updates on-the-go

Publish posts and photos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and much more. Compose and save unfinished posts if you prefer to finish them later or assign to team members to complete.

Act on social listening opportunities while mobile

Never miss a beat! Receive push notifications and email alerts when people mention your brand or talk about keywords you monitor.

Our built-in sentiment analyzer helps to bring the most important conversations to your attention by highlighting the positive and negative mentions.

Keep track of key social metrics from your phone

Track the effectiveness and engagement levels of your individual posts and social profiles with insightful reports. Access reports and analytics on the go through our social media mobile app.

Yes, iLoyal SocialGenius does it all.

iLoyal Social Genius Plans & Pricing

Up to 70% savings versus other social media management tools, plus more user friendly features.

Better customization, better collaboration, better tracking, better reports, easier tagging, and more fun to use. Plus social listening queries included.

Social Expressor

$39/mo Save time by scheduling posts automatically throughout the week.
  • 1 user
  • 8 social networks
  • 8 Quick Reports
  • Social Listening Included

Social Connector

$99/mo Collaborate to generate ideas and improve content.
  • 2 users
  • 20 networks and social queries
  • Build 15 custom reports
  • Social Listening Included

Social Accelerator

$189/mo. Work more effectively to show real results from social media.
  • 3-5 users
  • 50 networks and services
  • Build 35 custom reports
  • Social Listening Included

Social Butterfly

$289/mo Manage social media at scale with advanced tools & custom workflows.
  • Up to 10 users
  • 100 networks and services
  • Build 50 custom reports
  • Social Listening Included

Custom Self-Service and Managed Social Media Plans