Social Media Marketing

All Relationships Start with a Conversation

We don’t believe in joining any conversation. iLoyal believes in starting them. It’s extremely rare to know anybody married from a first date. It starts with one conversation and, if done correctly, moves to a second date . . . then a third . . . iLoyal’s job is to ensure that we have a strategy in place to increase the chances of each “follower” and “fan” becoming a loyal patron to your business, spreading a good word about you across their online and offline social interactions.

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Full-Service, Dedicated Team

iLoyal offers a dedicated Success Manager and creative team ready to coordinate anything to create success on any social channel. It’s not easy putting together a social program and executing it daily. People are expensive and outsourcing social media is not only more cost effective, but having the knowledge, design expertise and strategists involved around the clock is what iLoyal can do for your company.


Content Creation & Distribution

Content is king. You have to understand that there are many types of content for different strategies. iLoyal will sit and create a content and distribution strategy that is sure to increase engagement and response from your fans and followers.

Response & Customer Service

It’s common that agencies will pop in from now and again to answer small questions on your Facebook wall or from Yelp, but it’s even more common that they will go days and weeks with questions, comments and critiques unanswered. iLoyal has created an internal process with the ability to “jump” on each comment or question posted on Facebook and other sites. We will go out of our way to provide the response and customer service your fans and followers are looking for in near real-time.

*Did you know in order to gain a "Very Responsive" Facebook Response Badge you need...

Response Rate of 90%
Response Time Within 15 Min. 100%

Monitoring & Reputation Management

Like most social media companies, monitoring your brand by the minute is extremely vital, including providing the reputation management services that most brand come to desire. iLoyal does all that, too. It’s the one critical factor that will drive our response and customer service strategy each hour, day, week and month.


What good is marketing if we can’t measure it. YES, social media MUST provide an ROI to any business. Any social company that says they can’t measure this are not properly trained marketers at all. Based on the objectives and strategies we create for your brand, iLoyal will recommend a measuring system that ensures we are on track saving and/or making your company money through social media WITHOUT cannibalizing sales from gimmick social promotions that most agencies like to offer to prove their service is profitable.

Like Increase 45%
Campaign ROI 85%
* Examples of measurements

Social Strategy

iLoyal has seen many agencies create social marketing in a flash, but do they truly understand your business and objectives? Creating ROI is key to marketing, but a quality program starts with the consideration of learning your objectives, analyzing the social channels that will assist is in meeting those objectives, and creating a plan of attack that’s based on resources and time. We love a good shotgun approach; we just prefer a plan ahead of it.

Channel Strategy

Finding where your most of your target market resides for your campaigns to be most effective

Value Strategy

Make sure what you're offering is actually of value to your biggest fans and specific for your channels.

Content Strategy

Content creation, and consistency to keep your viewers hooked and to keep your brand in front of your customers often.

Distribution Strategy

Just the right optimized timing and consistency to get the most results from your budget