Franchise System Email Platform

Franchising loves email marketing. But, we understand that franchisees aren’t always on the same page. That's why iLoyal provides a comprehensive franchise email marketing program that keeps everyone involved happy and feeling in control, both for the franchisor centrally and each franchisee locally.

Managed Services

Let iLoyal develop and manage your program at a full-service level.

Zor & Zee Portal

Brand locked portal for franchisees to send locally, franchisor super admin access to all franchisee content.

Your Own Dedicated Team

Corporate & franchisee dedicated Success Manager to help support your goals across the system.

Campaign Management

From copy writing, design, programming, scheduling, & sending. (72-hour turnarounds!)

Automated Loyalty Programs

Automated custom welcome, birthday, and PRE-birthday emails plus more!

Franchise System Controls

Franchise approval system including custom, corporate-approved templates, promotions & more.

Data Management

Unlimited data-entry services to save you and your franchisees time.

Unlimited Services

From unlimited volume to unlimited sends. Don't pay more for the higher success you and your franchisees achieve.

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Don't pay more for the higher success you achieve. Get agency quality campaigns for a third of the price of hiring a marketing employee!
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Your Dedicated Marketing Team

iLoyal provides your franchise with an e-club team that is devoted to the whole franchise system. We know it can be costly to incorporate and manage all the unique components of an email club solution in-house, especially keeping everyone on the same page with marketing and support. The franchisor and the franchisees will have a dedicated Success Manager and creative team to help support your goals across the system to keep your campaigns cohesive.

Campaign Management

iLoyal offers extensive campaign services. From copy writing to design, from responsive programming to scheduling and sending of the campaign, our full or partial managed services are flexible enough for you to get the job done however you need to. PLUS, iLoyal offers a 72-hour turnaround on design and programming with same-day services available.

Automated Loyalty Program

Reward & Remind Your Most Loyal Customers. Send custom welcome emails to each e-club member. Include a birthday club with a special offer. Incorporate a PRE-birthday email reminder to stimulate catering if you’re a restaurant. What’s more is that each subscriber can have up to 5 family members’ birth dates under their email account that will also trigger this automation.

Frachisee Portal with Approval Process

iLoyal can customize a franchisee portal for local self-service (ZEE DIY) email blasts. The franchisee portal comes with a library of custom, franchise-branded templates that make sending email so easy. Additionally, iLoyal combines it with a Franchisor Approval System so corporate can see and edit (or comment) each blast done at the local level. Just another great way to keep your brand under control at the local level.

Unlimited Contacts/Subscribers

Grow your list as much as you want.

Unlimited Email Volume

Don’t pay more for the higher success you achieve. Enjoy unlimited volume.

Unlimited E-blasts

Need to send an email last minute? Ask us about our unlimited self-service option.

Unlimited E-Club Sign-Up Cards

Save on stationary costs. Unlimited Printing of Standard E-club Cards.

Unlimited Data Entry

Don't waste time. Grow your list without dreading the data entry. We'll input all those wonderful new subscribers.

Unlimited Return Envelopes

Save on shipping costs. Unlimited Return Envelopes and Location ID Slips

Unlimited Fulfillment

Unlimited Warehousing & Fulfillment to Your Locations (no shipping fees)

Unlimited Marketing & Tech Support

We’ll Handle this E-Marketing, Techy Stuff.

Unlimited API License

Get unlimited License and Use of iLoyal’s API

PLUS, Enjoy More Available Features!

● Email System Customized and Designed for Your Franchise ● Unique Landing Pages for Each Location or Market!
● Social Media Integration (Zor or Zee at a local level) ● Coupon and Special Code System – ask us what it does! - We love to explain this.
● Franchisee or Local Store Segmentation and Targeting ● Local Time Zone Sending for System-Wide Emails
● Easy Tracking & Reporting by Store ● Free API for 3rd party integration

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